Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Months!

I am so in love with this little boy! Robert and I tell him ALL the time! I could kiss him all day long!
He is such a busy boy now. He crawls and pulls himself up on everything...doors, walls, couches, legs...everything. Sometimes he successfully sits down and other times, he does a flying leap backward. Maybe he thinks someone is always behind him, but it's not always the case. He can scoot himself around the coffee table and along the couch. There have been a couple of times where he has been standing and has let go and stayed standing for a couple of seconds all by himself. He loves books. He will sit and let you read and he turns the pages. He needs a little help still but he thinks he such a big shot.
This boy is an eating maniac! Almost anything you put in front of him, he will eat. He loves almost everything. He has two more teeth now, total of 6. I think there are more coming but he really does not want me in his mouth so it's hard to tell.
He is getting so big. We had to start thinking about what to do for his birthday already! Time is just going by so fast. He smiles all the time, he is such a good boy. He is starting to "talk" more now. We will say
"Matthew, say 'dada'"  and he says
It's so cute and I can't wait to hear his little voice say other things!
It's been so great living closer to family. He is getting used to having other people around and I am loving it! Robert has been working really long hours but the weekends are so much fun! Hopefully we will sell our house and be able to start looking for our own.
I can't wait to see what Matthew will be doing these next couple of months. He does something new every day, it's hard to remember what he wasn't doing before!