Friday, February 22, 2013

23 Months!

I'm not going to even say it. I say it every month.
I will say again how much I love our family. Robert is such an amazing husband and such a great father. He works so hard so I can stay home ,and while some days are harder than others, I wouldn't trade it for anything! He is a man of few words but he makes me laugh and I couldn't imagine my life without him.
Matthew is starting to say a few more words now. I was really starting to get worried. He says "up" and "hot" a lot now. He loves when I overreact when he does something good and when he said those words for the first time I think my neighbors heard me screaming! I hope he will start trying to say more. He babbles a bit but I can't really understand what he is saying. He loves to shake his head no, like if I ask him a question or give him a meal he doesn't want. I do like that he understands what I'm saying. Matthew is a little show-off too. When we have company or go somewhere, he will do anything to get attention. It's really cute until he licks the floor at Walmart...ewww. He is still unbelievable at sleeping and taking naps. We are thinking of changing the crib to a toddler bed for his birthday. I hope he still loves to sleep as much as he does now.

Love this face!! 

 Sledding Day!!

Having fun at the library-so smart!

Our little family has big news to September Matthew will be a big brother! We are so excited! And maybe a little scared. I love the idea of Matthew and his little brother or sister being close in age. I love the fact that they will grow up together and maybe have some of the same interests. I have to keep up with this blog. I don't want to forget anything and time (and my memory) goes by so fast!!
 6 weeks
9 weeks 

My growing belly at 11 weeks