Sunday, April 22, 2012

Matthew's First Year!

13 Months!

I was thinking of only updating the blog every once in a while but I like looking back and seeing what Matthew was doing each month. I'm hoping I can keep this up.
He isn't walking yet, but everyone says he is close. He likes to walk holding onto his McQueen car (a gift from Uncle Bob and Aunt Pattie) and our hands. He will stand there and wait until he has both of your hands and then takes off running. He is going to be so fast.
He hasn't said any definite words yet but he likes to babble. He likes to make different sounds rather than talk. I'm pretty sure he can quack too. It sounds like the sound you make when you are trying to get something out of your throat or trying to sound German. It's too funny.
Grandma and Grandpa Nelson bought him a new car seat for his birthday. We installed it facing the back but when I took it to the fire department, they told me it would be safer to have him face forward. I was uncomfortable with this at first but he loves it. He laughs when I sing and dance.
He is such a happy boy. I am done breastfeeding him. At first, he really didn't like whole milk. I researched what some other mothers did to make the transition easier. Since it needed to be a little sweeter, I read about mothers mixing brown sugar, yogurt, or soy milk with the whole milk. I discussed it with his doctor and we agreed that soy milk would be better. He loves it and drinks whole milk by itself now. He is the most adaptable child! I thought it would be a long process but it was pretty easy.
This summer is going to be so much fun! I can't wait until it warms up!
I don't think I have ever been this happy! Every day is a joy and I love him so much.

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