Wednesday, August 22, 2012

17 Months!

I honestly can't believe another month has gone by! We are having so much fun! Matthew is talking a little bit more but I can tell that he is still trying to take it all in. He says "quack" a lot but he can say "duck" and "truck" now, too. He tries to say some other words and I have a feeling that once he figures it out, he will start saying more. It's no surprise to me that he can say "duck" and "quack". This little boy loves ducks!!
He likes to imitate people. If you sneeze, Matthew will probably start fake sneezing. He likes to watch other people clean and then try and do what they did. It is really cute and he is great at sweeping, vacuuming, raking, and using windex on the glass tables. Hopefully that is all he ever mimics!
He is great at walking and the other day discovered that he could go backwards! It was the funniest thing to see the excitement in his eyes! The other night he learned how to kick a ball and knows what you are saying when you ask him to do it. He understands so much more now.
Robert and Matthew are so cute when they play together. We are so lucky to have such a good boy!

just being silly 

playing in the water at the Arboretum 

golfing with daddy 

Lincoln Park Zoo with Auntie Kris 

being silly in the bath 

watching the ducks (with one in his hand)