Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22 Months!

That month went by way too fast! Matthew is such a little stinker! I think we are getting closer to the terrible twos! Only two months from now we will be having his second birthday party!
When I ask him for a kiss or to lay down so I can change his diaper, he either hides from me or shakes his head no. It was cute at first but now I have to chase him around. He is still a great sleeper. He knows the routine and I know when I put him in his bed, he will go to sleep. He sleeps for about 11-12 hours at night and a 2 hour nap during the day. Sometimes he will take a longer nap but most days it is from 1pm-3pm. It gives me a chance to get things done...laundry, cleaning, dinner started and writing blogs.
He is starting to become a picky eater again. He used to love chicken nuggets and I didn't think he would ever get sick of them. A lot of the foods I give him now get thrown on the floor. I'm running out of meal ideas. He loves cookies but I can't really give him cookies for dinner. And he still likes fruit but again, not a great meal. Hopefully he will just start eating what we have for dinner and then I don't have to make a bunch of food. I think we are a ways away from that still.
Matthew is still the sweetest boy in the world. We snuggle on the couch and he will take my hand and take me to where he is playing so I can play with him. He is getting closer to talking. When we were playing with his train table and one of the tracks came apart, it sounded like he said "fix it". He is learning his letters too. I tell him what they are and now he can point at some when I ask where they are. He is so smart.
We are still loving our new home. We are settled in and just doing a little decorating now. It is starting to feel more like home now.
We are loving life and we love this boy!