Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 Months!

Every month seems to go by so fast! It seems like Matthew is learning and doing new things just as quickly.
He is walking everywhere now. It is so cute. He puts his arms up for balance but it looks like he is struttin' his stuff. He falls forward or backward every once in a while but catches himself and stands right back up and keeps going. 
He doesn't say much still. I think he is just taking it all in. He points to different things and looks at you as if to say 'what is this?'. He has the sweetest smile and personality. I am so lucky. He takes naps, eats very good and rarely gets crabby. I'm very spoiled. A new molar even came in and I had no idea! 
This summer has been so much fun and it has just begun. We go swimming and for walks. Robert and I have taken him fishing. Matthew loves fish and wants to hold the fish Robert catches. We love to be outside and I think Matthew does too. The next few months will be amazing like all of the ones before have!