Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Shower!

We had our first baby shower Saturday (of four!).  We are very blessed to have such amazing parents. The shower was at Prarie Landing Golf Course and hosted by Robert's parents and my dad and step mom. We are amazed at how many people came together to celebrate with us. We are excited to become parents and can't thank everyone enough for the generous gifts!
We received a lot of what we will need... our car seat and stroller, snap n go, bouncer, and tons of clothes! We were also given our bedding! I think I've said this before...Aunt Nancy is soo talented! We are so lucky that she was willing to make us blankets, a bedskirt, a bumper pad and a pillow! It is so cute and unlike anything you can buy at a store!
I have been so excited with everything coming up in February that I had completely forgotten about my birthday! Saturday after the shower, we went to Robert's parents and celebrated February birthdays (mine, Robert's mom, and Richard). Teresa and I didn't wait long to pull everything out of the cars and go through it all again! Sunday morning, Robert's parents followed us to Bloomington with a car full of gifts and helped us put it all away. I REALLY can't thank them enough!
Even after they left, I couldn't leave the room. I put the bouncer and sleep n play together and tried to organize as much as I could. The room is so cute, I don't want to walk out of it!
Thank you again for everyone that came! This baby is so spoiled! I will post more pictures of the shower and of the nursery soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Weeks!

I had the best day. We went to the doctor for our last ultrasound :(. That was the last time I will get to see him until I'm holding him. The ultrasound tech did some measurements and everything looks really good. The doctor hasn't made any other comments about weight or size. We were looking at a side view of him and she pointed to his chest. It was moving up and down. She said he was practicing his breathing! We just watched for a while and it really looked like he was taking breaths. It was incredible. He is still head down like he has been since the first ultrasound.
I was able to go home after the appointment and when I pulled in the driveway, there was a box on our front porch. I know when to take it easy and when I saw it was our glider, I knew I had to put it together right away! I was able to drag the box in, opened it and brought each piece upstairs. I had it put together in 30 minutes! It's so comfortable! I can't thank Aunt Sandy, Aunt Pattie, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Susan and Lisa enough!
I can't believe how fast it's going now that the holidays are over. February will be full of classes to really get us ready for baby. I think March will be the slowest month of all! I'm sure I will find something that needs to be done before he gets here.

Our glider!
Our baby!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

28 Weeks! One More Trimester To Go!!

Well, this is the last trimester. We had an appointment today and I'm so thankful for Robert! He told the doctor that I'm crazy (it's true) and that I'm nervous that I'm measuring too big and worrying about everything she says. The doctor responded that everything looks really good! My weight is perfect and it's okay that I'm measuring too big. I feel so much better and so relieved. I didn't need to look anything up or text Teresa after this appointment! :) We will be going to the doctor every two weeks now and the next appointment we will have an ultrasound.
My doctor says I will miss being pregnant but what can be better than holding my baby! Robert made chocolate chip cookies this weekend and it was so hard watching him lick the spoon and the bowl. It's not fair.
We have also signed up for our birthing classes. I can't wait to learn everything and get a tour of the hospital. Then it will really feel like it's getting close.
The whole Nelson gang went with us and Aunt Nancy to pick out fabrics for the bedding and window treatment. I love Teresa's bedding, it is beautiful! Aunt Nancy is so talented, I can't wait to see what it looks like!