Tuesday, May 29, 2012

14 Months!

Every day is even better than the one before! I love spending my days with Matthew and I'm so grateful that I can! We appreciate everything Robert does for us. I feel very spoiled. For Mother's Day, they gave me a beautiful bracelet that has Matthew's birthstone on it. I love it!
Matthew is starting to try and walk more. I try to have him walk everywhere instead of carrying him...into the stores, from the car and even just around the house. It is definitely slower but hopefully he will learn that he has to walk. He has taken 7 steps in a row. Sometimes he falls forward but catches himself with his hands and stands up and just keeps going. Other times he falls backward on his butt and just crawls the rest of the way. He still won't really say any words. He can say 'dada', 'coocoo' (cookie), and he can quack, moo, baa and make a fish face. He is working on crowing like a rooster, meowing and neighing.
Matthew loves to sneeze. It's fake but if you say "God bless you" he will keep doing it several times in a row. I'm sure it is just because it gets a reaction, but it is still really funny. He is getting better at taking naps. He needs them and I was wasting so much time during the day walking around until he fell asleep. This is so much better! The first day he cried, but after that it was like he knew that it was nap time and he rarely cries. If he does, it is for a very short time. He is such a happy little boy and I'm very fortunate to have such an amazing family!