Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 Months and First Father's Day!

We celebrated Robert's first Father's Day. I made him a mug that has some pictures of Matthew on it and one of Matthew and April, his two babies. Matthew is too young to go golfing or fishing so it was hard to think of something to do all day...and it was raining. Matthew and I let him sleep in a little bit. Then I gave Robert some choices...we could go out to dinner, I could cook him something aweful (I'm really not great in the kitchen) or he could grill his own Father's Day dinner. He agreed to going out and we decided we would go early to avoid the crowds but had to wait for Matthew to wake up and eat. It started to get later and later and Robert made the choice to start grilling. Ya know, it's Matthew's world, we're just living in it!

He is 3 months old today! He is getting bored of everything he used to love. Everything I used to say to get a smile now gets a blank stare. As Aunt Teresa says, I have to update my material! He is getting better at holding his head up and really focuses on things, like April walking by. (She is going to be in trouble!) He loves to stand on my lap and sit up, not by himself yet. He can't roll over yet and really didn't like tummy time, until the other day when I put the camera in front of him. It's amazing how motivated he is to try and grab it! He sleeps like his daddy, most nights all the way through. But plays like his mommy. He is non-stop during the day. He sometimes falls asleep while he's eating but as soon as I try to put him down, his eyes are wide open and he is ready to go again. He discovered his hands and feet too. He will bring his hands to his mouth or watch them open and close. If he's in his highchair and moving his legs, he focuses on his feet moving. He is talking sooo much now. Of course, I say "mama" and "dada" and he says "grrrrr" or "oooohhh". He really is changing every day. He loves his bath now. He moves his legs to "splash" around. He does drool A LOT now. It gets all over his top. Needless to say, we wear bibs now. Well I could go on and on about ALL the amazing things he loves and can do, but it would take forever! We LOVE this little boy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

2 Months!

I can't even describe the love I have for this little boy. He is growing more and more every day. He now weighs 12 pounds 5 ounces! I think he has his mother's love for eating. We took him for his two month shots, he had to get three. After the month we had, severe gas pain and the worst diaper rash I've ever seen, he didn't cry as hard as we thought. I didn't either, just teared up a little bit. The doctor said that he is more alert than most babies at two months. He said that could be "bad", jokingly, because he will think he's smarter than us. Great. He loves it when we talk to him and tries to talk back. I'm almost certain that he has laughed once or twice but I'm not sure. He knows our voices and even if he doesn't see us, he will smile.
April is still doing great with him. She is very protective and wants to make sure he is okay. If he is crying and we haven't gotten to him yet, she will run over and lick his foot or hand, like she's telling him it's okay. If we are holding him and he is crying, she just puts her head down. I don't know how she is going to feel when he is crawling all over her.
Robert and I decided that it would be best for our family if I stayed home and took care of Matthew! I loved my job and my coworkers so it was a tough decision but I love watching Matthew grow and he is going to be learning and doing a lot more in the upcoming months!

 Four Generations
 Matthew is wearing his Cubs outfit from Great Grandpa

Ryan has a look on his face that seems to say "I wasn't going to hurt him, I promise!"
Four Generations