Wednesday, December 26, 2012

21 Months!

Oh my goodness! 21 months already! Some days it feels like I just started this blog. Wow.
I was a little late this month but now I can include more which will make this a little longer than usual.
We are in our own home! It was a little weird at first but I think we are settled. We had a lot of work to do and thankfully we have amazing family that came over without even being asked. Everyone knew what needed to be done and it went very quickly. We are still adding some things here and there but we love it. Matthew is such a good boy. He has adapted extremely well to everything. He knows where his room is. He actually knows a lot more than he seems. He's a stinker.
We were able to be moved in to celebrate Christmas in our house. This Christmas seemed a little crazier than some in the past but it was still awesome to be able to get together and see everyone. Matthew received some wonderful gifts. Everyone was way too generous and he is way too spoiled. I don't think we will need another toy or anymore clothes until next Christmas!!
Matthew is doing this new thing now where he leads me where he wants me to go. It's really cute when he wants me to play with him. Although, it can be a little frustrating when he leads me away from the kitchen in the middle of making dinner or cleaning up. I have to remember that he will not be this little forever and I should take every advantage of playing with him while I can. He loves the movie 'Finding Nemo' so between that and his nap, I am able to get everything done. He really is the best little boy! I get hugs and kisses (almost) whenever I ask for one. He is such a sweet and lovable boy! I can't believe he will be 2 in three months. I shouldn't even be thinking that far ahead. Now for the best!

sitting on the deck in our new backyard 

such a stinker 

helping daddy put up the lights 

 he seems to be thinking "really mom?" 

he received this toy for his first birthday and still plays with it almost every day

Christmas morning! So many new toys and puzzles!!

sitting nice with Gianna 

 eating Christmas dinner on Great Grandma's floor

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Halloween! These boys are so cute!

Our family picture in front of our tree! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

20 Months!

We have a very busy month ahead of us. We have been living with Robert's parents for a year. We found a house we love and we close a week from today. We have a lot of work to do on the, some painting and new carpet. We are so excited, and a little sad, too. It is close to everyone so I will still be able to watch Ryan and our new niece/nephew two days a week! We are so thrilled for Teresa, Joe and big brother Ryan!
Matthew is growing by the day. Not only out of his clothes I thought would fit him for today (Thanksgiving) but in the things he does. The other day, he went into the drawer of Tupperware and pulled out a red, transparent lid. He sat on the couch and looked through the lid at the lamp. It was so cute and so funny. How does he know that if he looks through this, everything will seem red? I watch him everyday do something new. He loves to turn on the radio and dance. (Robert's dad doesn't like it as much, but tolerates it) When Robert gets home from work, Matthew puts his arms around his neck and tries to lift him up to take him to look at the turtle in the office. It is turning into their little routine when he gets home and I know it makes Robert feel special to do something everyday, just the two of them. I guess we are going to have to get a turtle for the new house.
Matthew is starting to become a picky eater. I think he is getting sick of his favorites but won't try anything new either. It gets very frustrating trying to find something he will eat. I'm sure it is just a phase. He is still a great sleeper, for naps and at night. We have a routine we have stuck to since the beginning and most of the time he knows when I get his milk that means he is going to bed.
He is such a good boy and Robert is such a great husband and father.
We are very fortunate to have loving parents and family. Robert's parents allowed us to live with them for a year and never asked for anything in return. I can't even express how much we appreciate what they have done for us and continue to do for us! <3
I can't post any pictures right now but will soon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

19 Months!

I can't say it enough, I love my family! This past month, we celebrated Robert's birthday and our 4th anniversary. We also decided, after waiting for the bank to approve our offer on the short sale, to start looking at houses again but in Carol Stream instead of Bolingbrook. I went on a Tuesday  to look at two houses. I liked them both so I had Robert look at them again that night. We decided we liked one more than the other and made an offer Wednesday morning! By the end of the night, the sellers had approved our offer! We were told we will close November 30th but can't take possession until December 7th. That can change anytime though. I love the house and I am so happy we will be settled in our own house by Christmas. We are very lucky to have been able to stay with Robert's parents for so long. They allowed us to live with them for longer than we anticipated and never made it uncomfortable. We are very fortunate.

Matthew is changing every day. He is growing and it seems like inches a day! He is also changing in personality. He is going through a phase that I hope doesn't last long. He isn't amazing at eating like he always has been. He still has some favorites but even sometimes he doesn't want that which leads to a very poor meal. He also learned how to throw which was cute when it was a ball. It's not so cute when it is puzzle pieces or cars. He loves to jump on furniture too. I think he is just seeing how much he can get away with but he laughs when I tell him no. He is such a stinker! Matthew is still such a blast to be around. He says "this" to everything like he asking me what it is. He has such a cute, little voice. I'm hoping that this leads to more talking soon!
He is still a great sleeper. He loves his naps and bedtime. We are still on the same routine and he seems to like it. We get a bath and play a bit. Then we get our milk and go upstairs to read our book. I used to read the same one every night but now he picks out the book. After I'm done reading, I walk him over to the crib and I get a kiss goodnight. He snuggles with his blanket, elephant and duck and I say "goodnight and I love you". It's such an awesome part of our day together. I love getting that kiss!
I still can't believe so much has gone by already. Robert and I love him so much!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

18 Months!

Matthew is learning more and more every month! It seems like it hasn't been that long since I updated this last month but there is such a difference in his personality! He loves to laugh, even if it is fake sometimes, and smiles almost all of the time. He is such an easy-going boy. There are some days that he can be a little crabby but it is very rare and usually because of teeth. He has his top two cupsids now and the bottom two are coming in, 14 teeth total. After these, all we have left are 4 more molars and we are done teething. It hasn't really ever been an issue.
He still loves to eat but he is more picky about it. His favorites are chicken nuggets, string cheese, cookies and almost any kind of fruit. At least it is kind of balanced. I still try to offer him different foods but I hate wasting food and making him 5 different dinners before he gets what he wants is exhausting. The doctor said he could have peanuts and I have tried to give him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with no success. He just looks at it and gives it back to me.
We had his 18 month check-up and the doctor was amazed! His height is jumping from one curve to the next and the doctor is very curious to see how much he will have grown at his 2 year appointment. He said we will get a better idea at that time but the doctor thinks he will be tall.. The doctor was also impressed how well-behaved he was. Matthew was sitting next to me on a bench and let the doctor look in his ears, eyes, nose and feel his throat without moving. The only problem we had was looking in the mouth, he gagged a bit and fussed. The doctor tested his reflexes and let Matthew play with the reflex hammer. Matthew started mimicking him and hitting his knee. The doctor had given him a wooden stick to keep him occupied which turned into Matthew checking the inside of my mouth. Cute, right? He is so smart and wants to do what everyone else is doing. He thinks he is such a big boy.
We went to Florida with the whole family (Mom, Dad, Richard, Joe, Teresa and Ryan) again and it was so much fun. We went to Anna Maria Island and one of the locals called it "Florida's best kept secret". Dad had done a lot of research and found an amazing house. Each of us had our own master suites with bathrooms and the boys had their own rooms. There were decks and balconies and even our own in-ground pool with a hot tub. We all had so much fun. We would wake up and eat breakfast followed by a short walk to the beach. We would play in the sand and the ocean until it was time for lunch and naps. The boys had a blast together and we had fun watching them. We are very fortunate and I hope we have the opportunity to do that again next year!

walking with daddy 

holding hands with his cousin 

such a big boy on the beach 

walking with mommy 

hugs from Ryan 

waiting for his turn to play ping pong 

Finally! (I don't remember why he's naked) 

playing in the shallow end of our pool 

 surfing with daddy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

17 Months!

I honestly can't believe another month has gone by! We are having so much fun! Matthew is talking a little bit more but I can tell that he is still trying to take it all in. He says "quack" a lot but he can say "duck" and "truck" now, too. He tries to say some other words and I have a feeling that once he figures it out, he will start saying more. It's no surprise to me that he can say "duck" and "quack". This little boy loves ducks!!
He likes to imitate people. If you sneeze, Matthew will probably start fake sneezing. He likes to watch other people clean and then try and do what they did. It is really cute and he is great at sweeping, vacuuming, raking, and using windex on the glass tables. Hopefully that is all he ever mimics!
He is great at walking and the other day discovered that he could go backwards! It was the funniest thing to see the excitement in his eyes! The other night he learned how to kick a ball and knows what you are saying when you ask him to do it. He understands so much more now.
Robert and Matthew are so cute when they play together. We are so lucky to have such a good boy!

just being silly 

playing in the water at the Arboretum 

golfing with daddy 

Lincoln Park Zoo with Auntie Kris 

being silly in the bath 

watching the ducks (with one in his hand)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

16 Months!

Brookfield Zoo 

 Brookfield Zoo

 Children's Museum

Children's Museum

We are enjoying this summer a little more than last summer. He is able to do so much more and understands and sees so much more. He wants to walk everywhere...except where you want him to walk which usually ends up in me carrying him and him fussing. He thinks he is such a big boy and doesn't need help with anything. I can't hold his hand or spoon feed him. Sometimes he reaches for my hand when we are walking and that is the best feeling in the whole world but mostly he feels like he can do it all himself. He has been trying to feed himself with forks and spoons so I am going to encourage it as much as I can. There's no reason for me to make him eat with his hands if he doesn't want to. 
Matthew has so many teeth now. He has 11! He has 3 molars now and one more on the way. He is a little more miserable with this one than he has been with the others. I don't like to give him Advil unless it is really necessary and he seems more comfortable after I give it to him. 
I am very blessed to be able to stay home with him and enjoy every moment. Robert is an amazing husband and father. He works so hard so I can be with Matthew. I appreciate everything he does for us and our family. I am so fortunate and I hope he knows how much we love him. 
I can't believe how big he is getting. It is all going so fast now. I can't imagine my life without Robert and Matthew. I have never been happier. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 Months!

Every month seems to go by so fast! It seems like Matthew is learning and doing new things just as quickly.
He is walking everywhere now. It is so cute. He puts his arms up for balance but it looks like he is struttin' his stuff. He falls forward or backward every once in a while but catches himself and stands right back up and keeps going. 
He doesn't say much still. I think he is just taking it all in. He points to different things and looks at you as if to say 'what is this?'. He has the sweetest smile and personality. I am so lucky. He takes naps, eats very good and rarely gets crabby. I'm very spoiled. A new molar even came in and I had no idea! 
This summer has been so much fun and it has just begun. We go swimming and for walks. Robert and I have taken him fishing. Matthew loves fish and wants to hold the fish Robert catches. We love to be outside and I think Matthew does too. The next few months will be amazing like all of the ones before have!