Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Done with the First Trimester!

The first trimester is done! I still can't believe it! The day after I took the picture for 13 weeks, I noticed a little belly. I thought it might just be the pizza I had for dinner, but it didn't go away. So I had to take another picture. It still looks like I just had a big dinner, but hopefully that will change. I know I sound crazy.
Only 26 weeks left. I miss being able to eat and drink anything without thinking if I can have it or not. There are so many things that you can't have...deli sandwiches, diet soda, hot dogs, certain cheeses... I know some people say that you can have these things in moderation, but if it might cause harm, than why risk it? Teresa let me borrow her fetal heart detector and we were able to hear it at home. It really puts my mind at ease.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

13 weeks!

We had another doctor's appointment today.  We were able to hear the heartbeat!  I could have stayed there all day listening to it.  I asked how many ultrasounds we will have and was disappointed when she said the next one will be at 20 weeks. It's only 7 weeks away.  The good news, we will most likely know if the baby is a boy or a girl at that visit! I have only gained one pound so far, which the doctor says is okay.  Most of the weight will be put on in the last trimester. I am almost out of my first trimester, which is fantastic since I was sick for the first time this past weekend!  I consider myself very lucky that I wasn't sick at all before that. I do feel bad for Robert. I'm sure he thought he went to Jewel, also been nicknamed "the kitchen" since we go there so often, a lot before this! I'm pretty sure he goes once a day. Good thing for us that it's a block away. What I want changes so fast. I write him a list and by the time he gets there, I'm already second guessing what I put on it. I do have a couple of things that have been consistant:
~milk! I could drink 3 glasses with dinner
~pasta (Robert's really are award winning meatballs!)
~chicken and pork (if it weren't for beef, I could be a vegatarian)

I can still button my pants. I don't know if that is really great or really frustrating. When you're pregnant, you want to look pregnant! I'm sure that will happen soon enough. I should be happy that I haven't had to buy new clothes yet! I do have that pregnancy "glow", aka oil, all over my face which is causing more acne than I've ever had. Like I said, if that's all I have to complain about, than I'm pretty lucky.