Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Great Weekend After Another!

Last weekend was so amazing, being able to tell everyone and celebrating our 2 year anniversary, I didn't think it could get any better! Our wonderful parents bought us our crib and our changing table. I really don't think I could ever say thank you enough for all the things that they have done for us over the years!! I had asked our friend Scott to help us bring the furniture down since he has a truck. I didn't mean that he had to bring them down this weekend, but he was free so he did. He said while he was down, he could help us paint since I'm not really supposed to be around for that long. Robert and I went during the week and picked out two paint colors so it was ready when Scott came Saturday morning. My mom and sister Kris came down a little later and we did some shopping. This boy is going to be spoiled! He already has some really cute outfits! Then my mom suggested maybe shopping for some maternity clothes. I don't feel like I'm any bigger so I wasn't really thrilled about spending money on something I don't need yet. Just remember, your mother is always right! I might never take off my new pants they are sooo comfortable! Maybe now I will get bigger since there's room to grow! I took some pictures of the room and one of my belly in my new pants.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

17 weeks! IT'S A BOY!!

We had a great weekend!! I can't keep anything a secret so when I was thinking about having an ultrasound to find out if it was a boy or a girl, I knew Tuesdays (when we usually have our appointments) wouldn't work. Otherwise, I would have everyone on the phone telling them instead of telling them in person, which is what I really wanted. We had to tell so many people that we were expecting over the phone that I wanted this to be special. I rescheduled the appointment for Friday when I knew we were coming up that weekend. It was in the afternoon so all I had to do was not talk to anyone after and sit in the car for two hours. It was so amazing to see our baby again! At first he had his legs crossed and we couldn't see anything. The tech was moving my belly around to hopefully get him moving. Finally he started kicking his legs and we could see that we were having a boy!
We bought a blue bib that said "Adorable Baby Boy" and thought it would be cute to show everyone. Everyone is really excited!! And it was worth it to keep the secret so I could see everyone's reactions. Now we can think about names and decorating the room. We still have a lot of time, 23 weeks, but I'm also really anxious and excited so why wait?!