Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mother's Day!

I am amazed just how much I love this little boy! I am so emotional every time I look at him. He is perfect and I am so lucky to have Robert as my husband and Matthew for a son. Mother's Day was amazing. I woke up with Matthew around 6am and Robert started breakfast (which included Mimosas!). We relaxed after which is Matthew's "nap time". The four of us went for a walk after lunch and Robert started dinner. I swear we did more than just eat :). Robert had bought a rose bush and a couple of flowers that we put in pots, they are beautiful. We also bought Matthew a pool! I can't wait to use it.

There are so many emotions every day...excitement for what is to come...sadness because so much has gone by beyond anything I have felt before...and still a bit of disbelief...I'm a mom. It's the greatest thing in the world!!

This is the smile I usually get when I talk to him! I must be pretty funny!

More Pictures!

It's too soon to update but these were supposed to be in the one month post. Enjoy!

 Matthew and April cuddling

 First Easter basket

 First bath!