Saturday, August 24, 2013


Since last month, Matthew and I have been through a lot! Along with being busy playing outside, we are officially done with naps now. He put up a good fight and won. He would run around his room or read books. He never got into anything he wasn't supposed to until he pulled his curtains down. That's when I stopped trying. Most days he is pretty happy and he still sleeps great at night. He actually sleeps a little better now. He is a very picky eater during the day but great at dinner time. His favorite thing to eat during the day are chocolate chip mini muffins. He eats them every day. He also still likes yogurt, nutrigrain bars, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, and grilled cheese. We are also potty training!! (yikes!) I was NOT looking forward to starting it at all. When Teresa and Joe were potty training Ryan, they used a 3 day method that a friend of theirs used. It was the only method I had really heard about so I decided to try that, too. It's very demanding of your time. For 3 days, you follow your child around while they are in just underwear. You cannot do anything else. It was nice to spend this time with Matthew though with no distractions and I really feel like he is doing great with it. At first, I was a little frustrated but it is not something that happens overnight. You really have to work at it and it just gets better. Matthew still isn't saying a lot of words and I had a feeling he was behind. Robert's mom gave us the number to Early Intervention to have him screened to see where he is. We have a friend who has a son with the program and he seems to be making so much progress! They came to our house and evaluated him and he is only talking at a 13 month level. Every other area he is perfect. We are starting speech therapy with him right after the baby comes. They come to the house which works out great for us. I can't wait to hear Matthew talk!!
A little over 2 weeks and we will have another boy! Our c-section is scheduled for September 10th. I am so excited and a little terrified at the same time. I can't wait to meet this baby and hold him but I am a little scared to have two. Sometimes just having Matthew is enough. I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore. I am getting very uncomfortable and it is rough sleeping at night. Everything is ready for the big day. Everything is washed and clean, nursery is all set up and bags are packed. Can't wait!!


In Door County where they have amazing Swedish pancakes...and goats on the roof!

On a long hike

We spent a lot of time in Grandpa's boat

I caught this fish all by myself. Robert had to take it off the hook for me.

Matthew had so much fun, he cried for 30 min after it was over.

The joys of potty training ;)

Snuggling with brother

White Sox game!

Santa's Village

Cougar's game!

37 weeks!! Almost done!