Wednesday, December 26, 2012

21 Months!

Oh my goodness! 21 months already! Some days it feels like I just started this blog. Wow.
I was a little late this month but now I can include more which will make this a little longer than usual.
We are in our own home! It was a little weird at first but I think we are settled. We had a lot of work to do and thankfully we have amazing family that came over without even being asked. Everyone knew what needed to be done and it went very quickly. We are still adding some things here and there but we love it. Matthew is such a good boy. He has adapted extremely well to everything. He knows where his room is. He actually knows a lot more than he seems. He's a stinker.
We were able to be moved in to celebrate Christmas in our house. This Christmas seemed a little crazier than some in the past but it was still awesome to be able to get together and see everyone. Matthew received some wonderful gifts. Everyone was way too generous and he is way too spoiled. I don't think we will need another toy or anymore clothes until next Christmas!!
Matthew is doing this new thing now where he leads me where he wants me to go. It's really cute when he wants me to play with him. Although, it can be a little frustrating when he leads me away from the kitchen in the middle of making dinner or cleaning up. I have to remember that he will not be this little forever and I should take every advantage of playing with him while I can. He loves the movie 'Finding Nemo' so between that and his nap, I am able to get everything done. He really is the best little boy! I get hugs and kisses (almost) whenever I ask for one. He is such a sweet and lovable boy! I can't believe he will be 2 in three months. I shouldn't even be thinking that far ahead. Now for the best!

sitting on the deck in our new backyard 

such a stinker 

helping daddy put up the lights 

 he seems to be thinking "really mom?" 

he received this toy for his first birthday and still plays with it almost every day

Christmas morning! So many new toys and puzzles!!

sitting nice with Gianna 

 eating Christmas dinner on Great Grandma's floor