Monday, October 22, 2012

19 Months!

I can't say it enough, I love my family! This past month, we celebrated Robert's birthday and our 4th anniversary. We also decided, after waiting for the bank to approve our offer on the short sale, to start looking at houses again but in Carol Stream instead of Bolingbrook. I went on a Tuesday  to look at two houses. I liked them both so I had Robert look at them again that night. We decided we liked one more than the other and made an offer Wednesday morning! By the end of the night, the sellers had approved our offer! We were told we will close November 30th but can't take possession until December 7th. That can change anytime though. I love the house and I am so happy we will be settled in our own house by Christmas. We are very lucky to have been able to stay with Robert's parents for so long. They allowed us to live with them for longer than we anticipated and never made it uncomfortable. We are very fortunate.

Matthew is changing every day. He is growing and it seems like inches a day! He is also changing in personality. He is going through a phase that I hope doesn't last long. He isn't amazing at eating like he always has been. He still has some favorites but even sometimes he doesn't want that which leads to a very poor meal. He also learned how to throw which was cute when it was a ball. It's not so cute when it is puzzle pieces or cars. He loves to jump on furniture too. I think he is just seeing how much he can get away with but he laughs when I tell him no. He is such a stinker! Matthew is still such a blast to be around. He says "this" to everything like he asking me what it is. He has such a cute, little voice. I'm hoping that this leads to more talking soon!
He is still a great sleeper. He loves his naps and bedtime. We are still on the same routine and he seems to like it. We get a bath and play a bit. Then we get our milk and go upstairs to read our book. I used to read the same one every night but now he picks out the book. After I'm done reading, I walk him over to the crib and I get a kiss goodnight. He snuggles with his blanket, elephant and duck and I say "goodnight and I love you". It's such an awesome part of our day together. I love getting that kiss!
I still can't believe so much has gone by already. Robert and I love him so much!